Octaves written with Keyboard Background


“Octo” signifies “eight” in numbers. Octave or perfect octave in music is the interval between musical pitch. Octaves are so similar that when played together they can seem to blend into one tone. A higher note has a sound frequency double than its lower note. Two notes which are an octave separated always sound similar and have a identical note name, while the majority of the notes in the middle of sound different, and have other note names. An octave is the distance between one note and another note with the same letter name.

Perfect Octave between Two C's
Perfect Octave between Two C’s

We use diatonic scales which are seven notes long in western music. The eighth note is considered to be a repetition of the first but at a higher pitch in this diatonic scale. The octave relationship is a natural appearance that has been alluded to as the “fundamental supernatural occurrence of music”, the utilization of which is “normal in most melodic frameworks”. The interim between the first and second music of the music series is an octave.

This is a significant idea in music. Despite the fact that notes are masterminded, similar to a piano keyboard, in a long arrangement from low to high, the pattern is repeating.

Notes normally fall into groups of twelve, which are every one of the one octave separated from one another. These gatherings continue going up and down the piano keyboard (and in fact, the melodic range for any instrument).

In every Octave there are 8 “notes” A B C D E F G

Every note is a pitch higher than the one before it, but when you get to G, it has to start again from A. This is called an Octave. When you play one octave higher it means play the same notes but higher

C D E F G | A B C D E F G | A B C D E F G

The B’s are one octave apart and the B on the right sounds higher pitch than the B on the left.

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