Yoga makes u Feel Young..!!!!

Boosts Brain Power

The practice of meditation calms the buzzing mind and provides a sense of relaxation. It provides blissful experiences to the brain which are sent by the brain to the entire body, making it feel restored and de-stressed.

Enhances Attention & Concentration

Poor concentration is not only a kid thing, Millions of grown-ups suffer from it as well. One of the prominent benefits of regular meditation is that it improves and enhances attention and concentration.

Cures Depression

With no thoughts and worries of past and future, you feel better and enjoy being in the moment. It calms the buzzing mind, takes you out of confusion and helps you focus. It even makes you more positive!

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Everyday life is usually limited to burying the head in the exhaustive to-do list. The entire day is spent hunching over the computer screen and being stuck in emails, texting, working, etc. Our mind and body work more than normal, and, hence we feel overworked, stressed, and anxious. Yoga meditation has shown to improve people’s health on so many levels and deals effectively with everyday stress and anxiety.

Improves Heart Health

As mentioned, yoga helps with stimulating blood circulation around the body, which helps to eliminate arterial plaque in the heart muscle.As a result, yoga assists in keeping your heart rate regular, strong and healthy. Yoga is highly relaxing, it lowers stress levels and high blood pressure!